Must Remember the Goals….

So it seems I’ve gotten farther off track than I realized. Prior to our holidays at home, I was lifting weights for about 30 mins and doing an hour of cardio a day. This was working nicely. Then we travelled home for the holidays and I was thrust into a situation with limited weights to lift so I inadvertently increased my cardio in an effort to burn more calories. Anyway, I had forgotten I had done this and have been killing myself in the gym at home since Monday, doing increased cardio PLUS weights. Needless today, I was in the gym today for almost 3 hours. This just doesn’t work AT ALL for me. Because I also homeschool my kids and so today I was rushing to get through my 2+ hour workout to get home, shower, eat and then homeschool my kids.

Then it hit me….


I wasn’t doing this much cardio PRE holidays so why the heck am I doing it POST?

You see I have this odd obsession with numbers…..

No idea why….

But I do

My counselor says I play games with myself involving numbers…..when I stop and think about it, it’s really stupid but it helps me get through my cardio…..

Like, I’ll say ok you can look at the time after 3 more songs or if I increase my speed I may hit 1200 calories burned etc….it’s stupid but it helps pass the time. Where the problem comes in is if I don’t burn the number of calories I think I should have then I obsess and jump on some other cardio equipment to burn the extra number of calories I think I should burn. My focus in MI was to burn about 2000 calories a workout which included cardio and weights. That has stuck and has been my “new” goal while I’m here at home. In order to achieve this number I’ve had to do a minimum of 2 hours of cardio.

It struck me today, after I was in the gym for almost 3 hours, if I stay in the gym this long day in and day out it will kill the joy and passion I have being in the gym……


Today was a good thing that occurred because it caused me to reevaluate my goals…

My goal has always been and will continue to be. ONE HOUR of cardio with weights after…..I will be doing fasted cardio until Feb 14 to see how that affects my body. I just started fasted cardio the first of the year……Then I will lift weights for 30ish minutes. IF during the afternoon during the week I have time, I don’t hurt AND in lieu of an afternoon nap I may go back to the gym and ride the bike. This is not going to be planned or scheduled into my daily activities.

The goal is one hour of cardio daily

The goal is weight lifting for 20 mins. daily.

The goal is mindfulness

The goal is not to obsess

The goal is weight loss

The goal is to eat clean 99.9% of the time.

The goal is to learn to love my body

The goal is to eat real food

The goal is to continue to be involved and active in my daily life.

These are the goals

I needed to remember them because I got lost for a moment!!

Thanks for listening

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