As a surprise my husband decided to drive through Kentucky on our way home from visiting family. I’m a University of Kentucky alum that started course work at the University of Louisville, so b both school are a part of my history.

When he told me, I was super excited because all of my college gear is way to big on me now, plus I still had Christmas money and could buy a college sweatshirt from both of my schools.

I was excited.

As we prepared for our trip home, through Kentucky, I was reminiscing with my mother in law about my college days. The upcoming trip to my schools had me thinking about my college days and even my high school days. I hear so many people fondly recall their high school and college days and while I have fond moments of memories from those times. I can’t say I would ever want to relive any part of those days.

I don’t feel like I “peaked” so to speak during either high school or college.

In fact as I was talking to my mother in law, the though struck me……there isn’t one moment in my life, not childhood, adolescents or young adulthood that I would want to revisit because it was so incredible….nope.

In fact, as I look back over my life from ages birth to now, my life is riddled with pain. From my parent’s bitter divorce, through adolescents and never feeling like I fit in, to young adulthood and having my heart massacred by a man. Nope, I never really found my place….that is

Until now.

Now, I am perfectly content with my life.

I have an amazing husband who God only knows is the reason he’s my husband because I’m certainly nothing to write home about.

I have the world’s most amazing kids. They are both unique and precious to me and a huge blast to be around.

I finally have my health.  Finally, I feel healthy and strong, something I never thought I would see. I honestly thought I would die young and in pain since from about ages 25-36 that’s all I had known.

I finally feel like I have a purpose in life, to be healthy, involved and inspiring.

So when the thought struck me about wanting to go back to former days, truth be told….no thanks

I’m perfectly satisfied and fully content in my present day life. For the first time in 40 years I can say honestly that THIS this is the moment in time that I will always look upon with fondness and think, that was the time I wish I could go back to…..

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