My 2015 New Year’s Resolution Rough Draft

So I’ve been putting a lot of time and thought into this New Year coming up. Typically in the past, I would set a resolution to lose weight and sure I’d start off strong, but then fizzle out after about 3 months. Since my weight loss journey starred in Feb. 2014, it doesn’t seem really appropriate to set a resolution to “lose weight” because, well I’m already doing that!. So here’s a rough draft of what I’m thinking for 2015……

I will continue to eat clean more days out of the year than not…..

I will continue to work out doing cardio 6-7 days a week and lifting 6 days a week….

Get off BP meds if physically possible, I will at least give this a solid shot and not be disappointed if I’m doing all of right things, but can’t get off them, unfortunately genetics may prevent this was happening…..but we’ll see.

I will only take 21 “cheat” days in 2015. These days will be strategically planned out and done wisely. Since being home for Christmas this year and eating off my plan for about a week, I stinking gained 1.5 lbs, this is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! I realize that some of that could be water retention. HOWEVER, I also know that I just cannot “splurge” without some strict boundaries. At the end of the day, it’s just not worth it to me. And since I eat clean 99% of the time, the 5 minute of taste bliss causes me about an hour of feeling like utter crap…..sooooo my future cheat days in 2015 will be planned out and wise. The exact dates will be determined but I know that my birthday, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Day and Thanksgiving will be among those 21 days. Also, those days will consist of eating clean with some freedom laced in. Again not sure what that looks like today, but this is the start at least.

I will finish the book Boundaries that my counselor recommended I read and implement the principals in my life.

And finally,

We’ll be moving to Houston in 2015, so I want to not only get involved with a worship team at church but also get involved with a church through a Bible Study and serving in some capacity.

So this is the beginning of my “rough draft” of my 2015 New Year’s Resolutions…..what are yours?

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