Survival Mode

So I’ve been in Michigan for not quite a week and I seem to be in survival mode. I guess that’s a good thing. The first couple of days, I spent with my grandma and she had tons of foods from my childhood. That was very difficult. Ironically, I didn’t even put a lot of thought into being at her house and so far that was the hardest most tempting time. I wasn’t able to work out as much as I would have liked to, but I did manage to move some. I did eat like crap and that was very frustrating. I’ll see how that translates to the scale tomorrow. My goal for tomorrow’s scale/weigh in time is to have lost even ½ pound. ANY loss in my opinion while on holiday in Michigan is a success in my book!! So we’ll see.

Since being at my grandma’s house, I’m not at my parent’s house and my mom has been very honoring of my request to not have a lot of baked goods lying about. She’s even gone so far as to “hide” them (cookies) in the garage. I have no clue where they are and I haven’t gone searching for them. While emotionally this time has been trying, I’m thankful that there isn’t a bunch of crap within my reach. I feel very  loved that my parents would respect me in this way.

When we left MO, I weighed in at 218, that’s only 3 pounds away from 215, which means once I hit 215 I will have lost 100 lbs from my highest weight. My goal when we left MO was to achieve that 3 lb loss here in MI. I’m still aiming for that 3 lb loss and am hoping that tomorrow’s weigh in will reflect it! I’m curious how eating off plan for a couple of days will translate if at all. I’m hoping NOT to gain, so we’ll see.

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