Holiday Dysfunction

Seriously, is my family the only crazy dysfunctional one around the holidays?

Oh my gosh, I just had some stuff hit the fan here recently and I am not sure how to cope. Thankfully, I’m in counseling because a year ago, just the idea of what’s going on would have sent me into an emotional eating binge. BUT NOT THIS YEAR!!!!

Thanks to months and months of counseling

Reading the book Boundaries

Gaining come confidence


Having and amazingly supportive husband

I’m walking into this dysfunctional situation in a week, feeling semi prepared

Albeit scared, but prepared.

Sure it’s still going to be hard…..emotional and not fun at times

BUT I will NOT eat my emotions this year, nope, not going to happen!!

So what’s my plan?

I will continue to eat on my plan, which is eating clean. I will enjoy my scheduled cheat meal on Christmas Eve and I will enjoy a couple of Christmas cookies, but outside of that there will not be any additional indulgences. Why would there be? I’m not the same person. I have changed so drastically that I hardly recognize myself and I like it!

I like who I’ve become. Physically and mentally. Sure I still have a long way to go in both arenas and this time at home will be the first real test of mental strength I’ve been under, but I have to remind myself that I am a fighter, I am a champion, but I’m also a Christ follower and I want His fruits of the Spirit to be evident in my life, in all circumstances. So for this trip home, I will eat on point, exercise and PRAY because outside of these three safeguards, I’ve got nothing!!

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