First Milestone

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned on this journey thus far is how important it is to absolutely love your bariatric surgeon!! See I was so focused on having the surgery and having it done in a timely manner that I neglected to really go with my gut feeling when I met my surgeon.

Dr. Hawver of Mercy Hospital Washington, MO……hate her!!!!!

Now keep in mind, I’ve seen A TON of surgeons in my short 40 years on this earth. I’ve had, brain surgery, 2 C-sections, sterotactic radiosurgery, gallbladder surgery, tonsil surgery, bariatric surgery. So I know a thing or two about surgeons and their bedside manner. So I should have “gone with my gut” on Dr. Hawver. She seemed snotty, stuck in her ways etc. I wanted the surgery so badly that I dismissed it and went forward with the surgery with her……hindsight is 20/20 and I wish I would have picked a different surgeon but I didn’t. During my surgery she ran into problems that landed me in the ICU for a week. Without going into detail, she didn’t accept any responsibility, but instead made it seem like my fault, like I withheld information about my health history that lead to this situation.

I didn’t.

The final straw came during my 6 week follow-up.

I had lost about 35lbs at that point. She had always told me that I would probably get to 222 but to be happy if and when I got there because any loss beyond that point just wouldn’t happen.

I’m a social worker by trade and this doctor’s complete inability to look at a person as an individual instead of a bariatric statistic still baffles me!!

When I told her I wanted to get to 157 AND that I intended to lift weights to do it, she literally scoffed at me!! Telling me, “you will get huge if you do that!” What?!!! Seriously…….for such an educated woman, she was also highly uneducated.

After that appointment, I switched my bariatric program immediately. I needed to be involved with a program that would encourage me in my goals, no matter how seemingly impossible they are in the bariatric community!

I found my new surgeon, whom I LOVE and wish I would have chosen from day one, but didn’t.

His take on me getting to 157?

That result isn’t typical BUT, I think you can do whatever you decide you can do!!


Oh and for your information…..I started lifting weights, 6 days a week at 6 weeks post op, Yes it’s been a long road, BUT I currently weigh 222 and comfortably am in a size 12 pants. To give you a reference. The last time I wore a size 12, was before I was married, in college and weighed about 160-170…..soooo there is seriously something to losing inches vs weight. Muscle takes up less space than fat thus making you smaller in general.

So all of this to say…..

Originally I thought my first big goal would be to lose 100 lbs which would put me at 215. I desperately wanted this to happen by the time we leave for Michigan for Christmas (in 1 week) Little did I realize how absolutely ecstatic I would feel hitting this first surgeon’s original number of 222. I feel like I’ve accomplished something HUGE in 10 months….a total loss of 93 lbs. So I’m going home for Christmas with my head absolutely held high!! I’d like 2 more pounds before we leave but if it doesn’t happen I’m ok with that too because I know I’m doing everything right!!

Oh and you better believe when I hit 157 I’m calling Dr. Hawver’s Office and gloating with a HUGE smile on my face!!

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