Am I the only one who is ALWAYS cold now?!?!?!

This has been an interesting journey so far!

Once ALWAYS a person who was hot and sweaty. Like I would grocery shop and drip sweat while I walked through the store. I am now ALWAYS freezing. I went from a girl who would wear a t-shirt and capris in the winter, with a tank top and shorts to bed. Now I wear long john underwear, usually have a long sleeved shirt on AND a sweatshirt on and I’m STILL cold. I wear flannel pjs to bed WITH a long sleeved shirt AND I’m under TWO down comforters and I’m comfortable.

I’m not complaining though. I love this new lease on life, I just chuckle with how cold I get now. My husband doesn’t really know what to do with me. He was always the cold one, begging to turn the heat up in the winter. J Now he’s comfortable and I’m still freezing!!

Long gone are the days where I sweat walking through Walmart and I like it. I just think the surgeons should warn us fat girls at our first consult…..Like, “hey these are all the pre-op tests you’ll need and by the way, you are going to lose weight so rapidly that you should invest in some long johns just to be safe”.

Oh and forget about super cold drinks on super cold days. Now I drink hot tea on days where it’s 50 or less degrees, just so my ice cold toes warm up. Oh and I wear slippers now…..slippers…..this is so crazy to me, but again I like it. I like it because it makes me feel normal. I like normal. I haven’t felt normal in so long, so it’s a good new feeling!

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