Ode to Mondays…..

I love Mondays, call me crazy but I do. I love that they start the week, which means my routine is back into full affect. Gym, homeschooling, counseling…..I am a creature of habit, I love my routine.

It’s funny to me now because looking back this was not always the case. I dreaded Mondays…..in fact, I hated Mondays. I looked forward to Fridays. I couldn’t wait for the weekend because that usually meant movie night with my husband, which always led to mounds and mounds of candy, popcorn and soda. For a while Sundays were my favorite day too. When I did Chris Powell’s carb cycling, Sundays meant “Cheat Day” and cheat I would, I would eat donuts (several), pizza, fast food….you name it I ate it on Sundays, then dreaded Mondays because I would be back in the gym and Monday’s workouts were always rough after the way I ate on Sundays.
However since my life makeover 10 months ago, none of this is the case. I have revamped my nutrition, which makes Mondays much easier in the gym. I no longer eat crap, so I feel better period and with Mondays come stability, routine, habit, which I find that I actually thrive on. So you see, I will from now on forever be a Monday-loving girl……so go out and enjoy your Monday, it’s full of possibility, routine and habit!

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