Athlete Status-19 months post op

19 months ago, on 4/18/16 my life changed forever when I decided to take the initiative to convert a poorly constructed sleeve to roux-n-y gastric bypass with a completely different surgeon in a completely different state. I knew when I met with Dr. Schumacher I weighed close to 250 and I knew that even though […]

Forgiveness Brings Peace

Last night, my family and I got to together with a friend of mine, whom I haven’t seen in more than 10 years. I first met Edgar when my stepdad was stationed in Italy back in 1993. It was good to see him and meet his wife and son. It was fun reminiscing about the […]

Goals Aren’t Evil

Goals aren’t the enemy, Satan is the enemy and how he twists things up is the weapon of choice. The last 17 months have held a gamut of life lessons, some more difficult to swallow then others. Loss of friendships, distance from toxic family members, and learning to die to any unrealistic expectations of body […]

There isn’t a Mold…..

As I break free from my obsession of daily weighing, I’m trying to find the one day of the week when I feel like it would be best for me to “weigh in” I thought it was going to be Wednesdays. I mean social media makes Wednesdays “weigh in Wednesdays” So I was desperately trying […]

Set Goals and Crush Them!!

September Goals 2017   It feels like it’s been a thousand years since I last blogged anything. For a second I thought I would just do YouTube videos, but honestly, they seem more difficult for my cognitively challenged brain. This way I can at least proof read and edit. What better way to get “back […]

Season of Mourning

This has been an interesting month and I just haven’t had time to write about it at all, so today I’m forcing myself to sit here and pen some of these swirling thoughts that I’ve meant to get down on paper in the last several weeks. The theme that God seems to be touching on […]